Evolution? Darwin Got It Backwards

It’s politically correct to believe in the theory of evolution, and mandatory to teach it in our schools. But …what if it isn’t true? What if the very OPPOSITE is true?

After hearing the buzz in the hallway, I turned and listened. Students were warning us to consider choosing a different class, because the professor of this college biology class was overly demanding and flunked about a third of his students each year. “Oh well,” I thought, I’m here now and I’m just going to sign up.”

The students were right — this was an extremely difficult class and the professor demanded a lot. What had started out as a challenge, now turned into a fear that I’d not make it.

One morning, an odd thing happened when I asked the professor a question. We were studying the mutation of genes, and were taking a look at several afflictions caused by mutations. The most well-known of course was Down Syndrome, but there were many others too, for example Tay-Sachs disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophilia, and many, many others.

I raised my hand and asked the professor, “do mutations ever benefit the organism?” The response of the professor was very peculiar. He squirmed and began straightening the papers on his desk, and came up with an answer that was very evasive. I supposed that he hadn’t understood my question, so I asked it again, rephrasing it so he’d understand what I was asking. But again, he seemed very uncomfortable, and he gave a light-weight and evasive answer. After the third time, I let it go.

I didn’t recognize it at the time, but my question was having a profound effect on the professor in biology class. It would be years before I’d realize the import of the question, and understand why the professor was so bothered by it, and answered me so evasively. The answer to my question, of course, is no. Genetic mutations always cause illness or defect in the organism. And that completely disproves the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution wants you to believe that from a primitive state, organisms evolved over time to the superior state of the human condition of today. Not only is that untrue, the truth is the very opposite. Organisms don’t evolve, they DEVOLVE. 

The discovery of DNA has changed everything. Every organism is made up of chromosomes which carry the DNA that makes up the individual. Every species has a set number of chromosomes, and that does not change throughout history. A cat will always be a cat and can only reproduce cats. Every bird has its own number of chromosomes and can only reproduce birds. Every species can only reproduce others of its own species, according to the number of chromosomes that species carries. The DNA in the members of a species will produce the variations in that species, hair or fur color, eye color, size, etc. But the individual can only reproduce offspring having the same number of chromosomes.

“Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature ACCORDING TO ITS KIND, cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, EACH ACCORDING TO ITS KIND,” and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth ACCORDING TO ITS KIND.”
Genesis 1:24-25

The truth is that the downward spiral affects not only living organisms, but all of life as we know it. Lets take a look at how, in one generation, not only organisms but society as well has actually “devolved.”

In contrasting life today against life as I knew it only a generation ago as a child in the 1950’s, it’s so obvious that you could miss it if you weren’t watching it closely. It takes place little by little, almost imperceptibly, and because it’s so unnoticeable, we are systematically desensitized to the point that we do not perceive what is happening at all.

Little things at first. In the 1950’s, for example, girls and women wore dresses. In fact, on winter mornings when girls needed protection against the cold as they walked to school, they wore snowpants — yes, pants — but UNDER their dresses. Immediately upon arriving in the school building, the snowpants came off and were hung on hooks with their coats. We are now living in the first generation where women wear pants almost exclusively. Not a sin. But part of an overall picture.

In the 50’s, women went into a church always with their heads covered, in respect to the idea of being in a holy place. If you had told anyone then that the day would come when people would go to church in short-shorts, no one but no one would have believed that evenly remotely possible.

In the 50’s, children ALWAYS addressed men as “Mr. so-and-so,” and women as “Mrs. so-and-so.” It was unheard of that a child would address an adult by his or her first name. But in the 60’s, the process of liberation was profligate. Society chose to free our children from “the rod” which the Bible says is to be used on the defiant child, and look at the results. Classrooms are in disarray and confusion, children free to “express themselves” any way they choose. Not only do children defy teachers, but it’s gotten to the point where we even have to have security officers in school lest our children kill us.

In the 50’s and 60’s sexuality was private. In fact, when the sitcom, “I Love Lucy,” became part of everyone’s tv enjoyment, there was a rule on the set that any bedroom scene had to feature two beds, and the man and woman fully clothed. The very idea of a man and woman seen together in one bed would have been unthinkable. But today our children’s senses are constantly defiled with images of stark sexuality before them. How do you answer a child who wants to know what “erectile dysfunction” is? In this day and age, they could probably tell YOU!

In the 50’s, the most horrible thing a girl could do was to become pregnant, which was a terrible humiliation to a family. If a girl did become pregnant, she was whisked away to a “home,” where she would have her baby out of the public eye. Homosexuality was never spoken of except in hush-hush whispers, and was considered such an awful thing that anyone so inclined kept it to himself or herself. Today, only a short generation later, not only is the public depiction of sexuality not a big thing anymore, but many of those so-inclined to homosexuality parade it in the streets, on tv, in magazines, anywhere where they can celebrate their freedom and entice others to join them. Scenes from televisions are so vile, that there’s just no protecting our children anymore, they’ve seen it all -and at a very young age. A child today would laugh at the idea that even a heterosexual couple living together are living “in sin.” Human sexuality has gone the gamut from private to public without shame. Girls think nothing of wearing clothes that are so tight that it’s an effort to get them on. On the beach they expose themselves in what is no more than bra and panties, or less. The change that has taken place in one generation is nothing less than stark-raving madness. Some consider it “liberalizing,” and most are so desensitized that they don’t think anything of it at all, and there are very few who recognize the pattern as the total devolution of the human experience in a single generation.

Can anyone today say with a straight face that society has been developing positively? In the Bible’s Book of Daniel, Daniel is given a look at the last generation. He is told, “seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” So two signs signaling the last generation were to be that knowledge would increase and it that it would be a time of a lot of travel. Well that certainly describes the age we live in today. A hundred years ago people were still riding horses and using oil lamps.

But has the great increase in knowledge produced a society improved? I suggest the very opposite is the case. As we’ve patted ourselves on the back for being a generation more advanced and “liberated” than any other in the history of mankind, we choose to ignore the downward slide that should be screaming at us, begging for our attention. Humanity today surely is “running to and fro,” – we’ve been to the moon and back. Knowledge indeed has increased –computers and ipods, Game Boys and cell phones – these are the things we proudly display as the trophies of our great progression. Now, the things that are hush-hush are things like drug-sickened zombies, Aids, single mothers in fatherless homes, little children aborted at will on the altar of convenience, and all manner of sin paraded in defiance before God. This is progress?

“Tolerance” demands that we allow foreign gods into our culture, but hide our own God from the public square. There has never been a generation so violent, so depraved, while so “liberated” as the one before us today. In many places, to go out of your home is to risk your life. No longer do we live in houses with unlocked doors, but we invest in expensive security systems to protect our valuable possessions. No longer do we dress up in our best to board an airplane but we line up in front of deputies who scan our bodies and luggage lest we fly in a plane that might be blown up.

And in our schools all our children are taught the “theory of evolution.” Evolution, the sacred cow of modern thought.


I don’t think so. Instead of animals evolving into men, it would make more sense to teach that men are devolving into animals. That’s what the evidence suggests.

When Jesus was asked what the signs of his coming would be, the very first thing he answered was a serious warning to “take heed that you not be deceived.” Truly, there has never been such a deceived generation as this one – – thinking we’re evolving when in all actuality society is declining rapidly toward degeneracy. Sodom and Gomorrha, in the end, were destroyed.

May God help us.

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